About Cool Town

Cool Town is a India’s fast growing Lassi & Juice franchise. With the goal of bringing fresh & healthy drinks to the people of our country, Cool Town served as a platform to revolutionize the Indian food industry. Our chain of shops provided us the perfect opportunity to bring healthy foods in our market, that ranges from variety of Lassies, ice creams, smoothies, juices, milk shakes, kulfi & coffees.

Want to start your own Cool Town outlet at your favorite city? Partner with us to spread world of happiness through healthy foods to the people of India.

Organic fruits

Our focus is on health, hence we use only organic fruits in our kitchen.

Eco friendly

We use sustainable products that protect our environment.


Taste the real flavors that are extracted from the nature.

Taste Our recipes

A sneak peak of our products that’s sure to tempt your taste buds.

Ice creams
Chocolate shakes
Mango shake